"Aiyah I’m only 22, still young"
“Fuck la, alr 22 but my life got no direction”

Me on alternate days 😪

9:45pm wnderlst:

Forest | Dan Venter


It’s nice to receive gifts, but also really REALLY nice to give and have people be happy ^^

8:17pm If I were 李白, I’d write a poem to tell you how beautiful the sunset was. 

5:58pm twirling around in front of the projector behind the screens

didn’t give a fuck about the pretentious art shit video about human, nature & society (what else?) 

she was busy pretending to be a ballerina

thoughts I’ve had in shanghai:

- you are always stepping in someone’s spit. the only difference is whether it’s fresh or dried.

- guanxi IS everything. also, how you dress and your attitude affects how people (sales assistants) treat you.

- saying “thank you” nicely when people tell you directions makes them awkward. (Why??)

- walking through certain streets and in certain hotels, it really feels like the 1930s.

- beggars and aggressive street sales people scare me. but I have a protective equipment called my bitch face.

- why china so many people?!!??!!